Growth as all cosmic movements has a direction, and that’s where its success lies

  • First, if we are quick to dismiss the remark and feel totally desensitized to it, then it is worth asking ourselves the question: but what if they are right? What if they see something in us we are failing to realize?
  • Second, we must realize that if we are angered at all by those statements then it’s our ego acting out. And that is a little member of the family we really need to keep in check. What better moment than now?
  • Do you fear they might be right?
  • - Do you feel misunderstood and believe they are wrong? But remember that, if you know they are wrong and you are well anchored in your confidence, then you probably should not be angry at all.
  • If growth is our priority then we may as well learn to turn a disadvantageous situation into a meaningful one. The best way to do so is to ask: What can I learn? Is there something I can learn about myself? Is there something that I need to bring out of the unconscious realm into my awareness?



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Layla El Zein

Layla El Zein

Permaculture, Biodynamics Farmer Tazkiya, Tarbiya, & Marriage Counsellor Islamic Somatic Psychotherapist Stdt. of Al-Kitāb & Hikmah